Test Equipment

Case Study: Differential Pressure Gauge Calibration

A pressure drop sensing device (D.P.G) is used in a filtration system. Testing equipment is required to verify the effectivness of the sensor
At our customers request we developed the test rig shown in the image to the right, initially, submitting preliminary drawings along with a quotation for thier approoval. Stage two was to submit detailed CAD drawings and stage three was manufacture.
The differential pressure is indicated and set/calibrated by use of the two precision regulators.
The D.P.G. to be tested is located into a nest and on depression of the two hand start mechinism, the nest is sent upward making a seal on the D.P.G. and activating the air supply.
Releasing the start buttons cut the air supply and the nest returns to the start possition.

Case Study: Filtration Media Test Chamber

The Research and Development department of a world leading filtration company had a requirement for a test fixture to determine the effectiveness of filtration media of various composites, thicknesses and densities.
The media is clamped within the fixture in such a way that damage is not caused by crushing, and adjustment, by use of thumbscrews is indicated on precision digital-readouts mounted each side of the clamping area.
A sealed poly-carbonate, lighted viewing window is situated so that the media may be viewed whilst under test. Air-flows within the sealed chamber are also monitored by introducing aerosol colorants by means of the ports located at strategic points around the rig.