Special Purpose Machinery 

We often have companies come to us with a new design that they have for a special machine, with our experience and expertise we provide them with the help they need to achieve their goal of getting their bespoke machine. The standards we set help provide the client with the long term assistance that they require. The machines are designed with-in Helios, with close consultation with our client.  We assemble and prove the equipment in our workshop before delivery and production trials.  

Case Study: auto-Drilling Machine

A customer had a requirement for an automated machine capable of a small dimple in a jigsaw blade. The dimple possition and depth were critical and the output requirements demanding.We designed and manufactured 3 of the machines. The blade is located in a spring loaded nest and pushed into position by an operator where the drilling process takes place.As demands increased, a further 3 machines were manufactured with the inclusion of an auto in-feed unit.

Case Study: Orbitor

A manufacturer of ethnic snacks needed to manufacture a product, mini samousas, to satisfy demands in thier market. Working with the customer we helped with the aquirement of a suitable machine to convert, as a bespoke machine was unavailable. A meat pie lidding machine was purchased, at Helios, we stripped the machine down to the bare esentials and re-built it, manufacturing mould plates, cutting and sealing heads.

Case Study: Domestic Fuse Maufacturing Machine

Helios received a commission from a company in the Republic of China to design and build a machine capable of producing 13amp, 5amp and 3amp domestic fuses. The PLC driven rotary action has the capability to produce an output of up to 5000 units per hour.
The fuses are checked at each individual stage of the manufacture, eliminating component wastage and maintaining consistent quality of the product.
Integrated within the machine is a voltage continuity test meter which ensure that the completed units are compliant with international standards.
Our service also included the manufacture of a number of auxiliary machines, including a fuse printer, and, at the client’s request, suppliers of the component parts were sourced.
Our customer was provided with a complete production facility which they hope to expand on in the near future.