Repairs, Modifications and Renewals

From worn and broken parts or componants, working from customer’s detailed drawings, dxf files or, in some cases, the British Standard fag-packet sketch!
At Helios we produce replacement parts and components from a wide range of materials, to a high quality at competitive prices.
Replacement parts are also drawn up by us, catalogued and manufactured; we will discuss any possible improvements in design or materials.
Parts are then kept in stock, by us, and supplied to our customer within hours as opposed to weeks.

Case Study: Refurbishment of Pump Drive shaft.

When the Pump Drive Shaft came to us it was a damaged and worn componant. A pump drive shaft can be re-furbished quickly and effectivley.
At first the shaft was left with one bearing journal completely broken off and the remaining two very badly worn. The second, smaller stainless steel stub shaft is badly bent and irrepairable.
We reconditioned the pump shaft bearing journal and replaced and the worn journals , metal-sprayed, before being re-machined within the working tolerances. The stub shaft has been re-made and is fitted in possition.

Case Study: Historic Ships Refurbishment Project.

Below is our preliminary proposal, the work was carried out, successfully, to plan and within budget.
"Keith, Please find proposed modification to Upper /Lower Capstan assembly as discussed between yourself, Les and I recently.
As the stem of the upper half of the capstan shaft is badly worn and is too large to machine, I suggest that we force fit a steel sleeve over this, the OD having been machined to run in the existing bronze bush (which also should be machined back round and true).
The bush housing needs to have the four holes (used previously to bolt it to the deck) drilled out and tapped so that it can be secured from the underside of the deck when in position.
To give further support to the upper capstan, I have included a 'stuffing box' arrangement below the deck (unfortunately, some welding will have to take place on board the ship) just above the lower capstan. If, as I understand, you require the top capstan to rotate and the bottom capstan to remain static, this could also act as a clutch/brake mechanism. A large ball bearing set into the sawn of ends of the previously joined shaft, could act as a pintle bearing. For us to carry out this work, with all the lifting and positioning of the upper capstan being carried out by the Trincomalee Trust, I estimate a cost of between £2700 and £3200. If you agree with the proposed work and it is within your budget I will submit a more accurate quotation".

Built in 1817 HMS Trincomalee is Britain’s oldest floating warship. Brought to Hartlepool in 1987 as nothing more than a rotting hulk, the ship is now fully masted and attracting thousands of visitors every year.
One of the more unusual of the numerous commissions Helios has carried out on the Trincomalee and Warrior restoration projects was the rebuilding of the capstan of the Trincomalee, the principle mechanical tool of the ship situated central to the upper deck and used for loading cargo, raising spars and hauling the anchor.
Being close to two hundred years old, the Capstan was in need of refurbishment. The pig iron vertical shaft, 12” in diameter, was completely seized. Our instructions were to restore the equipment, allowing it to turn during demonstrations, and, if possible, have the facility to torque down the force needed to turn the capstan when demonstrated to, and operated by parties of schoolchildren.