Machined Parts and Componants

Working from customer’s detailed drawings, dxf files or, in some cases, the British Standard fag-packet sketch! At Helios we produce replacement parts and components from a wide range of materials, to a high quality at competitive prices. Replacement parts are also drawn up by us, catalogued and manufactured; we will discuss any possible improvements in design or materials. Parts are then kept in stock, by us, and supplied to our customer within hours as opposed to weeks. From small batch work, high volume and one offs, using conventional and CNC machinery we put emphasis on responding to the customer's requests.

Case Study: Vacuum Assisted Forming Plates

Vacuum assisted Forming plates for producing ethnic snacks, biscuits, burgers etc. are subject to long lead times and high costs, when procured through the machine manufacturer.
At Helios we have manufactured many of the 3D type and flat forming plates.
Using food grade UHDMWPE, a tough durable material providing perfect qualities required for the arduous and demanding conditions of high volume production associated with the food processing sector.
Shapes, weights and sizes of finished products are calculated and the dies manufactured to achieve the finished product.
The Forming plates we manufacture are long lasting, cost effective and delivered to the customer as per their requirement.

Case Study: Glue Gate Block

Recently a manufacturer of plastic bags found they had ran out of a component vital to their production process. Not having any available for a scheduled change-over they contacted the machine manufacturer, where-upon they were quoted a lead time of 3-5 weeks.
They contacted us at Helios.
Within 10 days we had drawn up the part and manufactured two of them. The cost to the customer was 50% of the cost from the original supplier.
The part is now catalogued and we also hold a spare for the customer.